When the one you love loves Lard, a perfect Christmas gift.

Lardy Gift Vouchers
Lardy Gift Vouchers are the perfect way to get gifts for the gamer in your life. Starting from just £5 they can take the hassle out of festive shopping.
Get your gift vouchers now from our web site: https://toofatlardies.co.uk/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=20&products_id=83


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The Romans: A Tactical Guide

The ancient wargames I played in my youth were typified by a somewhat linear style of game where two armies deployed in line of battle and moved to engage an opponent similarly drawn up.  There were, of course, variations on a theme, but as a generalisation the ‘real deal’ was the fight between the opposing

The Summer Lard has Landed, and it’s HOT!

Editing the Summer and Christmas Specials must rate as one of our favourite jobs here on Lard Island, and this latest edition has been one of the most fun that we’re produced in what is now the seventh year of their existence.  In some ways the history of the Lardy Special is somewhat odd.  Initially

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