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When the one you love loves Lard, a perfect Christmas gift.

Lardy Gift Vouchers
Lardy Gift Vouchers are the perfect way to get gifts for the gamer in your life. Starting from just £5 they can take the hassle out of festive shopping.
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Wo Sind Die Engländer? Chain of Command Game Six

Having been bounced in game 5 of the campaign the initiative now lay with the beastly Hun and, always ready to kick a man when he’s down, the rotter took advantage of the opportunity to launch a significant counter-attack. I set up the terrain as you can see below. This isn’t the precise location where

TooFatLardies Scenario Competition – How It Works

Well, as we enter March I thought I’d post some details of the Scenario competition that we are currently running.  What we are looking to do is produce a free download of scenarios for lots of our rule sets in order to allow gamers new to Lard to get an idea of how the games play. 

Chain of Command Espana – A Festive Gift

Christmas is a time for giving, and this year we are in for a real treat. Our Lardy pals Rolf Grein and Jim Hale have got together to bring us the best gift of the year: a complete guide to the Spanish Civil War for Chain of Command. Many of you will have read their

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