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What’s it Like “At the Sharp End”?

Cover smallWith the release of Chain of Command: At the Sharp End, the campaign handbook for our popular WWII platoon level rules, we’ve been asked to give a taste for what they are all about. In a nutshell, At the Sharp End is designed to allow the gamer to enjoy the fun of campaigning with the minimum of effort. The handbook provides both a guide to constructing your campaigns along with rules for then running it.
There are three campaign types, the simplest being the No Map Campaign which can be played immediately with pretty much no preparation and in any theatre of war the gamer wishes. Secondly, the Simple Map Campaign allows for a more detailed background, but can be set up with around half-an hour’s preparation. Finally the Full Map Campaign allows the gamer to add more detail by researching his own period of historical interest and using the template provided. The template is a universal one for any campaign in WWII and beyond, and with very little work would fit with any platoon sized game system.
CoC PagesThe rules include all the detail you’d expect for managing your campaign, movement, casualties, reinforcements and replacements, along with awards for gallantry and even escaping from POW camps!
What is more, the campaign system allows you to create your key characters, finding out their background where they come from and what they were doing in civvy street, before following their careers through your campaign. The system also looks at the platoon as it progresses, tracking the men’s morale, the CO’s opinion and the outlook of your platoon commander, all of which will influence how well your men fight in battle and what support is available for them on their missions. Part of every platoon leader’s challenge is to keep his men safe and happy, whilst also achieving victories which endear him to the Colonel.
Chain of Command: At the Sharp End provides games with real challenge added and link them together to form an on-going campaign which really puts you at the sharp end.
It’s available now for just £6 in PDF format for the full 48 page handbook at


3 thoughts on “What’s it Like “At the Sharp End”?”

  1. I have just spent a very enjoyable Sunday morning reading my copy and have to say its absolutely brilliant. The campaign system is the icing on the cake to the best set of rules I have played and I think the wargaming community will be forever grateful that Richard Clarke’s parents got together all those years ago.

  2. I’ve read through it and already setting up a campaign during operation Bluecoat where my uncle, serving with the 5th Wiltshires was mortally wounded.
    Many Thanks Richard for this great addon.

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