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What’s In Store for 2009

2008 and was the biggest publishing schedule that we have ever had, and the feedback we have recieved from that has been fantastic.  Now 2009 looks like being just as exciting with several now products en-route and several old favourites returning to centre stage.
Charlie Don’t Surf, our long awaited Viet Nam rules, are nearing completion seven years after we originally planned, we are also continuing with our development programme for In the Buff, our English Civil War battle rules as well as our as yet un-names ECW large skirmish rules which will look at forces of around 30 to 120 figrues per side.
Bag the Hun 2 is very close to publication with a complete revamp of the original rules, and a much heralded Le Feu Sacre III are lined up for September.
Following the success of our Wargamers Guide to the Riff War we have a second guide lined up, the Wargamer Guide to Iraq 1941 which is currently being formatted for publication.  More on that soon.


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