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What a Tanker Bits to Download

With What a Tanker released, we thought we’d provide a few bits to help run your games.
So, without further ceremony, here are the following:

  • WATdashboard1page  The BIG Dashboard (for the well-endowed Tanker)
  • WAT_2dashboards The normal Dashboard (for the Average Tanker)
  • WATcards The What a Tanker Cards (for the Tanker who like a quick shuffle)

Have fun!


10 thoughts on “What a Tanker Bits to Download”

  1. Frode Pettersson

    Two sided cards!
    I don’t know if it is intentional, but you have managed to make the design of the cards suited for two-sided printing as well. This is much appreciated, as I have access to a proper photo printer that can handle two-sided cardboard printing.

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