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We’ve Had the Decorators in!

Lard Island NewsHow odd, a blog post about a blog! But bear with us while we explain. One of the great things about Lard Island News has always been the fact that its the best place to keep abreast of what is happening on Lard Island. Want to know what we are playing, what’s being developed and what downloads you can get for the latest set of rules, it is the PERFECT place to find out. However, the big problem has always been the fact that once an article has dropped off the front page it disappears into the morass of old stuff which is often very hard to find again.
Well, the great news is that now Lard Island News has had the decorators in and spruced itself up. Not only does the sight look a bit swisher, but the changes have made a real, practical difference. We have added a whole list of categories which will allow you to pull out archives articles by subject. So, if you are interested in a particular rule set, you can click on that category and browse through a whole raft of articles on that subject from over the past six years. Possibly more importantly, if you want to find some free downloads for any rule set, just click on the “Downloads” category and everything is there at your finger tips.
We are please as punch with the initial feedback we’ve been getting, so we hope you like what we have done in order to make your browsing so much easier. You can access Lard Island News here: Lard Island News


2 thoughts on “We’ve Had the Decorators in!”

  1. May take some time to get used to the new layout. But, honestly speaking, I always wondered why you didn’t add categories as it’s such a helpful tool when browsing a blog’s contents. So, great news indeed!

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