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Wargames Soldiers & Strategy Prize Draw

WSS Tablet
So pleased am I with my purchase of the electronic back editions of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy that I have now purchased an annual sub in this great format. What has impressed me most is that the mags are completely searchable and, as alluded to in another posting here, they are mine and I am not “borrowing” them from some on-line library where I have to chuck more money at them each year in order to access my back editions. Full marks to Karwansaray for producing this great product.
As a result of my complete satisfaction I thought it would be fun to run a bit of a prize draw for some free subscriptions to Wargames Soldiers & Strategy. As a result any purchase of £10 from the TooFatLardies web site from midnight last night will get a ticket in the draw to be made a month from today, the 22nd of October. Four lucky winners will get a years electronic sub to WSS magazine. Of course if you spend more than £10 you’ll get more tickets in the draw, so £20 would get you two tickets, £100 ten tickets, and that even includes postage costs.


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