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Vpered Na Berlin! IABSM Handbook Available

After an intense period of research and consultation we are very pleased to announce the Vpered Na Berlin in now available. Covering the Second World War on the Eastern Front from January 1943 to May 1945 the handbook contains comprehensive force listings for Germans, Soviets, Finns, Hungarians, Romanians and Yugoslavian Partisan forces along with a complete scenario generation system for Partisan warare in the East and ratings for the weapons and vehicles required to fight this exciting and dynamic phase of the Second World War.
At 111 pages this PDF Handbook is a comprehensive document covering some of the biggest engagements on the Eastern Front. The Battle for Kursk, the third battle for Kharkov, the Cherkassy Pocket, Bagration, the battle for Budapest and the drive into the heart of Germany culminating with the battle of Berlin are all covered by the forces included. Here’s a look at what is inside:
German Forces:
Grenadier Kompanie
Volksgrenadier Kompanie
Kavalerie Schwadron
Panzer Kompanie
Panzergrenadier Gepanzerte Kompanie
Panzer Grenadier Kompanie
Aufklarungs Kompanie
Panzerspah Kompanie
Fielding German AFVs
Luftwaffe Jager Kompanie
Fallschirmjager Kompanie
Volksturm Kompanie
Gebirgsjager Kompanie
Partisanenkrieg – Fighting Partisans
Schuma Kompanie
Cossack Sotnia
Rating Your German Forces
German Armoury
German Weapon Rules
Romanian Forces:
Companie de Infanterie 1943
Companie Cercetasii
Companie Vanatori de Munte 1943
Companie Cavalerie Motorizata
Companie Cavalerie
Companie de Infanterie 1944-45
Companie de Parasutistii 1944
Fielding Romanian Armour
Companie de Blindate 1944
Companie de Blindate 1945
Vanatori Blindate
Vanatori Motorizat
Rating Your Romanian Force
Romanian Armoury
Romanian Weapon Rules
Hungarian Forces:
Puskás Század
Felderitö Század
Heygi Század
Huszár Század
Gépkocsiz?lovesz Század
Harckocsi Század
Páncélos Felderitö Század
Rating Your Hungarian Forces
Hungarian Armoury
Hungarian Weapon Rules
Finnish Forces:
Rating Your Finnish Forces
Finnish Armoury
Finnish Weapon Rules
Yugoslavian Forces
Partisan Detachment
Partisan – Fighting the Invader
Rating Your Yugoslavian Forces
Yugoslavian Armoury
Partisan Weapon Rules
Soviet Forces:
Strelkoviy Rota 1943-44
Strelkoviy Rota 1944-45
Deploying Soviet Artillery
Strelkoviy Support
Armoured & Mechanised Forces
Tankovaya Rota
Motostrelkoviya Rota
Razvedki Rota
Mechanised & Tank Corps Support
Gardesiskii Tyazhelyi Tankov Polk
Kazachiy Sotnia
Partisan Detachment
Rating Your Soviet Forces
Soviet Armoury
Soviet Weapon Rules
Death From Above. War in the Air
This great Handbook packed with information can now be had for just £10 from our web site.


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