Using Old IABSM Supplements with v3

There are two types of supplements that are available for IABSM, the four main theatre specific supplements and the scenario supplements.  Both can still be used with the rules, however some changes will be needed.  Let’s look at two two different types.
1.  The Theatre Specific Supplements.
There are four of these available, Blitzkrieg, Gotterdammerung, Footsteps of the Legions and The Shadow of the Rising Sun.  These contain some sample force guidelines, a guide to using your force covering the numbers of Big Men and the cards to include in the Game Deck as well as AFV and weapon stats for your forces.  We  will be replacing these with new Handbooks over the coming months with the first, Gotterdammerung scheduled for release in January.   These will be much expanded to allow the fielding of a much broader range of force and also to include sample scenarios and articles, so watch this space for the first of them after Christmas.
2.  The Scenario Supplements
We have a significant array of scenario supplements available penned by a number of different authors.  We do hope to be able to uprgade these over a period of time but that is likely to be a lengthy process and, if I am honest, probably one that will never be fully complete.  That said, all of these work with some VERY simple adjustments, as we’re about to find out.
How to Update the Supplements
Converting existing scenarios or the four main supplements to the new version of the rules is a simple process.  The following guidelines should be used.
Big Men
This is probably the main area of change as Big Men have moved from dice to represent their abilities to Levels.  The conversion of these is pretty unscientific, but is based on the principle that Officers and Senior NCOs get a slightly better rating than Junior NCOs as they have more responsibility.  We use the following guidelines.
Officers and Senior NCOs.
By this we mean any officer of Second Lieutenant and above and any Sergeant who is not commanding a section or squad, so Platoon Sergeant, CSM or RSM in British parlance.

IABSM v1 and v2 IABSM v3
D6+2 or more Level IV *= Dynamic Commander card
D6+1 Level IV*
D6/DAv Level III
D4 or less Level II
*No more than one Level IV Big Man should normally be present for any force

Junior NCOs
This refers to NCOs who are leading a section, squad or weapons team.  Normally these will be Corporals or Sergeants.

IABSM v1 and v2 IABSM v3
D6+ Level III
D6/DAv Level II
D4 Level I

You may get some variations on themes, such as DAv+1 or D4-2, for any minus adjustment or +1 just count these as their dice type and ignore the plus or minus.  For anything with a +2 then count them as the dice type above, so D4+2 would be considered as a D6.
Armour and Anti-Tank Guns
Due to some subtle changes in the way IABSMv3 treats armour we will be re-evaluating all stats in the forthcoming handbooks.  For now the old handbooks are useable, however some changes are needed.
Weapon Strikes
Increasing all weapon strike factors by 1 is recommended.  So, for example, an anti-tank gun with a strike of 7 will now have a strike of 8.  This applies to anti-tank rifles, but does NOT apply to infantry sections using their inherrent close quarter anti-tank capability.
AFV Morale
There is no scientific way to determine this, but the following should act as a guide

Morale Comments
Level I This would be a truly dreadful force, I can think of no example
Level II Very hesitant crews, little confidence in their machines
Level III Bog standard morale, nothing good but nothing bad
Level IV Highly confident and experienced troops
Level V Limited to Aces

AFVs without a radio net should have their morale set one level lower than normal.
AFV Actions
AFVs will normally have three Actions to use when activated.  It is possible to have some forces with four Actions but these should be limited to very confident veterans.  We have found that giving Panzerjägers four Actions allows them some “shoot and scoot” options, but again this should be limited to high quality crews.
So, that’s it.  Nothing too painful and all should now run smoothly with the new rules.


4 thoughts on “Using Old IABSM Supplements with v3”

  1. A level 1 AFV force would indeed be dreadful. They will not be able to advance from the beginning of the game, as they start at morale -1 (i.e. zero) shock already!
    Only thing I could think of would be if you have tanks supporting a defensive position, and you (the umpire/scenario designer) want the crews to run away as soon as they take a hit. Can’t think of a historical example though.
    Otherwise a very useful set of guidelines.

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