TooFatLardies Oddcast, Episode Two

The terrible trio took the advantage of a long drive to Crisis in Antwerp to discuss their hopes for the show and, the big issue of the show, their experiences walking battlefields and how that relates to their wargaming.
We apologise for the sound quality on this episode, but the discussion was recorded as we attempted to re-enter earth’s atmosphere somewhere just over Belgium.
You can find the Oddcast HERE


9 thoughts on “TooFatLardies Oddcast, Episode Two”

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  3. Agreed.
    And yes, touring a battlefield really does add a lot to your understanding of the events that transpired there. I knew that there was bloody fighting at the Sunken Lane at Antietam, and I had seen pictures of the area. But until you actually stand there and look at the ground men had to cover to approach it (there’s a sort of gentle hump to the land just to the north, maybe 70 yards away), it’s hard to understand just how screwed the soldiers approaching it really were – and how screwed the soldiers in it were once they were finally flanked.

  4. Tat was really good; really interesting. I thought I had walked a couple of battlefiekds but on reflection I appear to have ambled around them instead ? I will know better now thanks to Lard!! Did you perhaps get a photo of that big, naked, one-eyed chap by the side of the road? No? Probably just as well ?

  5. Guys I’ve been reading a lot of ww2 books recently Max hasting, Anthony Beaver and Jonathon Dimbleby. Can you guys recommend a good book covering the British army in the Far East??

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