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TooFatLardies November Prize Draw

BG023-front-thumbFirstly congratulations to the four lucky winners from October’s Prize Draw.  The US based winner walked away with a years subscription to Battlegames magazine and three other lucky entrants won a range of prizes, from hard copy rule sets to PDF products and the world reknowned Lard Dice.  Indeed we had so much fun with the draw that we have decided to do the same again in November.
For each and every £10 spent on products at the TooFatLardies web store one entry will be made to the November prize draw.  On the 1st of December we will be drawing the names of four winners,  the first of whom will receive an annula subscription to the superb Battlegames Magazine.  The next three contestants will have their prizes selected on the Wheel of Lard with the chance to win some of the best products in the world of wargaming.  All purchases made between 00.00 1st November to midnight GMT on the 30th of November will be entered into the draw.
Good luck!


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