TooFatLardies Festive Oddcast

Christmas comes but once a year and this year the Lardies Christmas Oddcast comes from a very special location as the Lardy team meet in front of a live audience to discuss a bulging sack of letters we have had from listeners.
Raise a glass of festive cheer and sit back for an hour and enjoy the Festive Oddcast
For those of you who missed episode three, we had some technical difficulties with the upload, but you can find it here:  Oddcast Episode Three


3 thoughts on “TooFatLardies Festive Oddcast”

  1. Great!! All those relevant, interesting questions and then my wholly innocent one about a photograph of the giant’s knob !! There goes any reputation I ever had in the hobby…..wargaming that is, not photographing giants willie’s! ?

  2. I would like to ask the panel what their tolerance is for mistakes in secondary sources? You know the sort of thing, “The squadron hadn’t realised that these were not thinly armoured Italian tanks approaching but German MKIII tanks and even some of the more heavily armoured MKIVs…” . I know it seems counter-intuitive that the earlier models of the MKIV were more lightly armoured than the MKIII as they were designed to stand back and lob HE at gun positions rather than trading solid shot, but don’t write a book about armoured warfare if you can’t be bothered to research it. Also, it’s bad for my blood pressure as I read books to stop me shouting at the telly as it is.
    How do the panel approach it:
    a) shake your head with a wry smile but read on unperturbed
    b) feel forced to underline and correct it in the margin (quite a common compulsion judging by the books I take out of the library)
    c) sigh with exasperation but soldier on in case there are some new quotes from primary sources that you haven’t come across before
    d) fling the book across the room in disgust

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