TooFatLardies and Eureka USA Make a Great Team

Eureka HEaderIt’s the news that North American wargamers and players of TooFatLardies games have been waiting for; The Lardies have teamed up with Eureka Miniatures USA and appointed them as their official North American stockist, importing our hard copy products across the pond. But this is more than just about selling rule sets. We talked to Rob Walter, the main man at Eureka USA, to find out more.
“Here at Eureka we have been providing gamers with what we think are some of the finest figures around for the past fifteen years or so. Of course it is impossible not to see the potential link up between our ranges and TooFatLardies rules, be that in the Dark Ages, Napoleonics, WWII or more modern conflicts. What we felt that TooFatLardies lacked was a real platform around the North American convention scene and we talked to Richard about how we could work together to improve that. We are looking not just to stock the rules, but also to host games highlighting the rules and, naturally, show off our figures in action. In 2015 we plan to be running Chain of Command games at Cold Wars in Lancaster, PA in March, Huzzah in Portland, ME in May, Historicon at Fredericksburg,VA in July and Cold Wars at Lancaster,PA in November. You’ll be seeing Lardy products and games feature at them all.”
Over in the UK, from his Lard Island base, Richard was equally enthisiastic.
“I first met Rob at Historicon a few years ago and he’s a great guy to do business with. His enthusiasm for the hobby is second to none. I knew the range Eureka produced very well, having met Nic before he was clapped in irons and shipped off to Australia and, let’s be honest, the quality is almost the stuff of legend. If anyone was going to be presenting our rules to the North American public we’d like the game to look its best and with Eureka figures that’s a foregone conclusion. What Eureka can provide our customers with is a speedy service with significantly cheaper postage rates on an everyday basis. But even better will be the focal point of the games which will, we hope, allow the Lardy community old and new to strengthen their bonds across the pond. In the UK and Europe, and now increasingly in Australia thanks to the work of our Lard Ambassadors, we have very strong social gaming links forged by a shared hobby and enjoyment of the Lardy rules and culture. It will be great to see that extend across the pond. I hope to be across for Historicon in 2016, so this will provide a great place to meet people and enjoy some fun gaming.”
Eureka USA stock an extensive and eclectic range of figures, from the “must have” Kung Fu School Girls (I kid you not!) to the internationally lauded AB range of miniatures. You can check them out here: or, if you want to get your hands on Lardy goodness, you can go here to see the range Eureka are carrying:


8 thoughts on “TooFatLardies and Eureka USA Make a Great Team”

  1. Glad to hear that you have a US distributor, but I wish you had chosen Brigade Games or the Warstore instead. Have you looked at the Eureka USA website lately? It’s awful. Good luck finding a Lardies product in that mess!

    1. Looks pretty simpole to me. Their ranges are listed on the left hand side of the page. At the bottom is TooFatLardies.
      More importantly, Eureka are keen not just to stock the rules, bhut also to showcase them. It was their going the extra mile which made this happen.

  2. I do business with Brigade Games, Warstore and Eureka. Lon at Brigade does stock TFL products as does Steve at Age of Glory. I do think Brigade and Warstore do have better webpages than Eureka but Eureka’s is still perfectly useable. Doesn’t look to me like online presence was Rich’s greatest concern anyway. Some of what is planned through Eureka sounds very exciting.

  3. As a Canadian, one of the problems with having a North American distributor based in the US is that packages still have to cross a border.
    Eureka’s shipping rate to Canada is very reasonable. It’s an extra $4 premium. It’s the CRA that I worry about…

  4. Great for our US cousins but only about a dollar cheaper ordering into Canada from the US rather than the UK.
    Happily, Eureka appears to use USPS. If they were using UPS or another private courier it would be a non-starter due to ripoff customs fees.
    I’ll probably still order direct from the UK since customs is usually less of a bother. Free trade isn’t.

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