The Swamp Fox, An AWI supplement for Sharp Practice

Great news for lovers of Sharp Practice this week, as we see the arrival of The Swamp Fox, a fantastic supplement covering the actions of Francis Marion in South Carolina in 1780 and 1781 with twelve scenarios, nine complete campaign backgrounds and a campaign environment based on the environs of Georgetown, South Carolina.
After the fall of Camden and the collapse of the Continental Army in the Southern Departments, the British appear to be on the verge of complete victory in the South and, therefore, within sight of suppressing the rebellion through the entire thirteen colonies.  However, Francis Marion, one of the few Continental officers still at liberty, takes the fight to his opponents in his own inimitable manner, wielding his small force with a deftness that allows him to hit hard when he can but avoid defeat when faced with superior numbers.
This supplement allows the gamer to follow his career as he take son a mix of British and Loyalist forces, playing scenarios based on historical actions or using the Georgetown campaign system to play through numerous campaigns which together cover Marion’s attempts to take control of the countryside and, ultimately, capture Georgetown and the Crown forces attempts to banish the rebels from the South for good.
The nine unique campaign backgrounds will provide a minimum of four full campaigns with the possibility of more.  The Georgetown campaign system sees both sides with varying differing objectives meaning that the no campaign is likely to be the same.
In PDF format and sixty pages, this is a campaign supplement which presents literally dozens of different scenarios for lovers of the AWI with forces designed for Sharp Practice.  Complete rosters and support lists are presented for both sides.
You can find the Swamp Fox hiding here:  The Swamp Fox


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