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The Lard Went Down to Georgia

Augusta 1
January 17th to 19th saw the HMGS Midsouth branch host their annual Siege of Augusta Convention at the DoubleTree Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia. Lard Ambassador Mark Luther was there with one of his stunning Sharp Practice games. Mark sends us this report:
Siege of Augusta is our largest local wargames convention and once again attendance was up. Apparently 320 gamers were present this year. We were able to fly the Lardy banner which made us instantly spottable to those gamers interested in the rules, and we had nothing but positive comments from gamers interested in chatting about Lard. We had lots of comments and questions about Chain of Command and the range of other Lardy rules we had on display.
Augusta 4
Our game stint was at 8pm on the Saturday evening and we ran the battle of Kettle Creek scenario with Sharp Practice. This was the largest engagement of the Revolutionary Wars in Georgia, so it was certainly topical. And we had a great time. The players really enjoyed the rules and the shock and morale system in particular got high marks. A fun evening of gaming was enjoyed and Siege of Augusta is certainly a convention we would look to participate in again. Thanks to all on the committee who worked so hard to make the event such a success.
Augusta 2
Our thanks to Mark for this hard work. I have said this before, but Mark’s terrain concerns me in that I cannot come anywhere close to the degree of beauty which imbues all of his battlefields with. I am sure that, Dorien Gray-like, he must have a plain old table in his attic which looks just like mine!
Augusta 3
Watch out for the Lard Ambassadors at your local convention or show!


1 thought on “The Lard Went Down to Georgia”

  1. That’s me on the right in the second picture. I looked so worried because I’m thinking, “Hell, I’m going to get pulled into playing here, aren’t I? Then I’m going to go home and dig out that copy of Through the Mud and Blood I never did anything with…”
    And it was true. I was sold on the Lardie rules after actual play, and I’ve had two small games of Mud and Blood since. I’ve also bought copies of Quadrant 13 and Sharpe Practice. Well done, Mark!

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