The Flagstaff War – A Maori War scenario for Sharp Practice

Flagstaff HeaderAnother great scenario today, with the “almost joint first” entry from Roly Hermans of New Zeland that slipped in just 1% behind the winner.  Now naturally we support the great tradition of First Past the Post on Lard Island, but there are times when an ‘alternative vote’ needs to be recognised.  As a result we have decided that Roly also qualifies for the main prize of the annual subscription to Battlegames magazine.
Roly’s entry very suitably focusses on an action from the Maori War, a real up and coming period with some excellent figures now available.  You can read download the scenario here:  Flagstaff War Scenario
Congratualtions to Roly only his near victory.  We will be rolling out all of the scenarios over the coming weeks, all available as free downloads.  As a thank-you to everyone who submitted an entry we’d like to offer every last one of you any rule set or supplement in pdf format from our web store.  Just drop Richard an email and let him know your choice.


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