The Britain of Arthur

Possibly the most evocative aspect of Dux Britanniarum are the maps created by Coral Sealey which superbly bring to live the Britain of Arthur. The rules contain one large A3 map of Britian in 450AD as an insert showing the range of British Kingdoms existing at that time. Along side them we have the Book of Kingdoms in the rules with four A4 sized maps breaking the island down into four parts and providing the playing area for your campaign. These latter are much more detailed and show all of the provinces within each kingdom. Here we can see a magnified section on each map showing the evocative artwork on the A3 coloured map and the A4 sized regional maps.
Dux Map 1The A4 maps will serve as the main playing areas for your campaigns. If you buy the hard copy book you won’t need to rip these out, we’ll provide you a printable pdf copy (a low-ink version if you prefer) so you can run your campaigns on that. The game mechanism is based on provinces, rather like a game of Risk, so movement around the map will be based on the conquest of regions rather than moving your armies from point A to point B. This will allow for a completely minimalist approach to campaign bookwork, indeed we reckon one sheet of paper to allow for the odd note at the end of each game will suffice for a whole campaign.
That said, we have not taken a minimalist approach to detail. The maps include plenty of additional information if you want to expand he game further, with the Roman roads marked, local industries and geographical features. What is certain is that with this degree of detail fighting your campaign will be a visually spectacular game.
There was a comment on TMP the other day that the cards looked a bit girlie pink. They aren’t, that was simply my rubbish photography! Here’s a better image which shows the actual colours.
Dux CardsI’ll be writing an article here about the Fate cards and how they work. It’s a system designed to be simple but far from simplistic and one which adds an additional dimension to the game.
Finally, here’s a few shots of some pages. The rules are interspersed with many illustrations and examples of a game in play as well as explanations from our friendly scribe Gildas who is there to talke you through how the rules work.
Dux Pages 1Sadly 650 pixels is not really enough room to show you a decent image, but we hope you get the picture! Just one week to go now and the boxes of envelopes are piling up on Lard Island. We have between 50 and 70 Arthurs left at this moment, so now is the time to order your hard copy edition to get your hands on the limited edition figures.


9 thoughts on “The Britain of Arthur”

  1. Agree with Christopher. The materials you’re showing here look amazing indeed. Now only 7 more days to go… I hope my pack to Spain is already being shipped!!!

  2. Stunning !
    You realy selling this in:) I´m glad that I already put my advance order, will you dispatch the abroad order in advance so we get them until 1/8 ? would be perfect as it´s my birthday;)
    I hope it is OK to borrow a picture for my blog, if not please let me know and I remove it ASAP.
    Best regards Michael

  3. Splendid simply splendid I really look forward to mine plopping through the door, & having had something to do with play testing it I really want the full version & will play it with & will sing its praises to all & sundry. Brilliant Stuff.

  4. having just sold my painted Saxons I pre ordered the package. still have Picts. Also Arthur’s army is presumably a Late Roman/Early Byzantine and the Saxons/Vikings could easily be represented by my Rus. Also hope to use the maps for WOTR
    first Lardys product to really excite
    hope its as good as the hype

  5. made a hash of the previous post. Should have said I have recently sold off all my painted Saxons for lack of rules to play with. Have pre ordered these as I still have a 1000 WRG point Arthurian army – and a Byzantine army. I have no Saxons but my Tribal figures – Letts, Lithuanians, Latvians, Prussians should do as Saxons – I have a Pictish army.
    I played an ECW game where counties were fought over (like Risk) and I’m hoping that we can use the maps for WOTR. Never bought from Lardies – hope these are good

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