The Blue and Gray. The 29th Report for Duty

ViervilleHaving spent a lot of summer holidays in Normandy, it is impossible to not feel some kind of affection for the 29th Infantry Division, “The Blue and Gray” as the road from Omaha beach to Carentan and on down to St Lo is littered with plaques marked with their yin yang style badge showing the blue and the grey heritage of the Confederate and United States armies. This affection can only be strengthened when one discovers that some of the units in the division can trace their lineage back to the Stonewall Brigade. For a wargamer, what is there not to like? It is natural then, with a good knowledge of the ground and an interest in this unit, that my first “Pint-sized Campaign” for Chain of Command is going to follow this unit as it drives inland from Omaha beach.
Of course the first task in such a campaign is determining both what forces to use and what supports to make available. After some reading I determined to use the standard US infantry platoon of forty men; three squads of 12 men with an HQ of a Lieutenant, a Staff Sergeant and a bazooka team. For 29 Let’s Go you’ll need a standard platoon of infantry looking like this:
2014-09-04 10.14.55Of course, if you fancy playing larger games with the free Big Chain of Command notes, you’ll probably need a second platoon too. Mine looks like this:
2014-09-04 10.19.53I painted a second platoon as I was going to need an additional squad as a support option, so while doing that I thought I may as well go the whole hog and do a second platoon.
My other support options are very much influenced by checking TO&Es for the period, but equally reading first hand accounts of the actions and replicating what support is mentioned in them. Thus far I have painted up the following:
2014-09-04 10.24.45_edited-1A couple of additional BARs and two snipers. Accounts tell how the 29th were keen on adding additional firepower with two BARs per squad where possible. They also refer to snipers taking out German MG positions, so we’ll have rules for that in the supplement.
2014-09-04 10.22.59The 60mm mortar is always a popular support option for the yanks as they really need a firepower boost where they can get one. The same goes for the 0.30 cal Brownings below.
2014-09-04 10.23.59I’ve also provided a Forward Observer team…
2014-09-04 10.25.19_edited-1…and a 57mm anti-tank gun.
2014-09-04 10.26.12_edited-12014-09-04 10.26.19_edited-1I need to get some Engineering options sorted as these were certainly available and with plenty of fun toys. I need to find who makes such creatures. Currently I am converting a figure to be a medic and I have some Shermans and jeeps already available. My only really large addition for the future will be the Greyhound M* armoured car.
So there we have it. The 29th are ready to go all over again!


18 thoughts on “The Blue and Gray. The 29th Report for Duty”

  1. Nice. I’d like to know where to get some engineer types figures myself. Two 60mm mortars are almost enough. You really need 3 of them, you know. So add one more mortar, a .50 cal, and a couple of jeeps and you’ve got a full weapons platoon too.

    1. Hi Phil
      I’m thinking about making the full three mortar option a high-value support option. I’m up at Partizan this weekend, so intend to fill some gaps in there.

    1. The 60mm mortar is a real cracker. Use scouts to oblige your enemy to deploy and then stonk them out with a pair of these. They reduce cover, even overhead cover, and can fire from a safe position. Great weapons.

  2. Two impressive looking platoons Rich. Love that first picture.
    As for engineers you could always go down the plastic figure path. You did some great conversion work with your Perry’s 8th Army stuff, so I am sure you could do the same with Warlords plastic set.

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