The Bibracte Campaign

If you’ve been watching Lard TV you’ll have seen Rich and his guest, international wargaming celebrity Mark Backhouse, refighting the Battle of Bibracte, one of the epic battles of Caesar’s campaigns in Gaul. Now for your delight and edification we are very happy to present a fabulous campaign pack featuring three scenarios from this campaign. This is a great way to get started playing Strength & Honour with the two smaller scenarios leading up to the grand finale of the 58 BC campaign.


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The Road to Stalingrad, Part Three

The road to Stalingrad is, they say, paved with good intentions and having intended this series of articles to be about building Stalingrad terrain, I have singularly failed to produce any such thing.  Until now. A while back, I purchased some MDF buildings from both Warbases and Charlie Foxtrot Models, both companies I have mentioned

Summer Here and the Time is Right…

Well, maybe not for dancing in the street, but hopefully the latest Summer Special will bring a bit of sunshine to even the most jaded of grognards. I have oft said that one of the great joys of my job is editing the Summer and Christmas Specials, and once again it has been a real

Stalingrad Build Update

Well, waiting for the PVA wash took longer than I had hoped.  It took two days to dry in the workshop, but at last we were at the point where we could prepare it for painting.  I sprayed it black before going over the model with a brush to fill in any gaps, and with

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