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The Bibracte Campaign

If you’ve been watching Lard TV you’ll have seen Rich and his guest, international wargaming celebrity Mark Backhouse, refighting the Battle of Bibracte, one of the epic battles of Caesar’s campaigns in Gaul. Now for your delight and edification we are very happy to present a fabulous campaign pack featuring three scenarios from this campaign. This is a great way to get started playing Strength & Honour with the two smaller scenarios leading up to the grand finale of the 58 BC campaign.


More Lard

Bag the Hun Cards Available for Download

The arrival of the new edition of Bag the Hun means a whole range of new cards.  To start off we have a basic card deck now available for download.  Over the coming weeks we’ll be producing more nation specific card sets to allow you to add even more colour to your games, but these

See General d’Armee at Salute

As always, Salute promises to be the big event on the UK wargaming calendar and once again we will be present with lots of exciting stuff.  Top of the agenda is the news that Reisswitz Press will be present with Dave Brown and is chums from Loughton Strike Force will be running a demo of

Operation Afghan Village – Part Three

Phew! It’s been a busy day on Lard Island. I had promised myself a hard slog, and it certainly was that. I didn’t get as much done as I wanted, but I do feel I have broken the back of the initial build stage. I’m also pleased that what I have done has proved that

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