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TFL Award Winning Sale Announced

Some things, they say, are worth celebrating and for us on Lard Island there can be no greater reason for popping the odd cork than winning two of the hobby’s most coveted awards; the wargames Illustrated Award for the Best Rule set going to Chain of Command and Best New Rule set to What a Tanker.
But this is also a double celebration, as Chain of Command has achieved victory in the Best Rule Set category for TWO years in a row.  Let us be honest about this; we are chuffed to bits!  So chuffed, in fact that we though we’d celebrate with a fantastic sale, with both award winning rule sets reduced to just £20 and, to make it even better, we have done the same with Sharp Practice which has never won a bean but is still a rather smashing game.  This deal extends to all of the bundles which include these rules, so there are some really great deals to be had.
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