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Terry Haney Games Day – Nr. Atlanta, Georgia

TerryEarlier this year we learnt of the sad passing of Terry Haney, a long-time lover of Lardy rules and a great contributor on our Yahoo Group for the bets part of ten years. To honour Terry’s life his friends are organising a Games Day at Giga-Bites Cafe in Marietta, Georgia on Saturday November 2nd.
Terry loved his gaming, and this should be another fun day of historical gaming with a big variety of games, scales, rules, and periods getting played. So far there are at least 9 games on the schedule. Gaming begins at 11,00 and run three sessions into the evening.
So far the following games have been confirmed:
Napoleonic Naval combat
Near Future skirmish
WWII Small Boats
Chain of Command WWII skirmish
ACW skirmish
Korean war air gaming
WWII air gaming
WWI air gaming
The organisers would welcome local gamers to coma along and join in the fun, try new periods and rule sets and generally have a great time. Giga-bites has plenty to eat and drink and there is no charge for the event. We at TooFatLardies will be sponsoring the day with some prizes.


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