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Terry Haney Game Day Report

November the 2nd saw a gathering of US gamers at Gigabites Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia, to celebrate the gaming life of our old friend Terry Haney. Lard Island’s representative on the scene, Mark Luther, send us the following report:
Terry was an early adaptor and advocate of the Lard philosophy. When I was looking for a set of WWII rules that seemed to have more of the confusion of combat, I came across IABSM. Because the rules seemed so foreign to the standard IGOUGO or ‘simultaneous’ phases that I’d played before, I put the word out that I was looking for a local player to run an introductory game. Terry and Chris consented to run a France 40 game at a now long gone FLGS and got me hooked on the way of the Lard.
Over the years I had the opportunity to game with Terry a few times. He played in a couple of my SP F&I and Seminole war games. I had the honor of playing in one of his Franco Prussian War games at his house. He was ever the gentleman and a great source of information.
Chris, who spent more time with Terry, had this to say:
“Terry was a very deliberate gamer. He gave plenty of thought behind his strategy and tactics. He loved to talk about the history of the troops that we commanded in miniature. He definitely had a love for the Pacific theater which stemmed from his father’s service as a hump pilot supplying troops in India and China. He was passionate about history and was a good friend.
So it seemed quite appropriate that we would fly the TFL banner locally for the first time at our Game Day to honor the man.
Terry 2Two games getting ready to start. Bill running the Nappy Ship of the Line game with Greg, Brian, Steve and Eric. And Jim’s Korea air game in the back with Chris and Rob.
During the first session we had a nice looking Napoleonic Naval Game run by Bill Amick and Greg McCluskey.
Terry 3Tim OÇonnor and his sons, Henry and Edward, ran a post Apocalyptic near future skirmish game.
Terry 4Jim Schmidt ran a Korea War air game with Soviet flown MiG 15s against some USAAF F-86s.
Terry 5The second session had a couple of TFL games. Chris ran a CoC game from his In the Name of Roma book.
Terry 6Jim ran a fun Coastal Patrol game set in the Med in 1943. He ref-ed and ran the German convoy which was the target of a lot of Allied attention.
Terry 7I entertained some folks with a Balloon Busting game of Wings of War/Glory set in 1916.
Terry 8
By the time the last session came up we were down to just a few diehards so Chris passed on his Desert game of Bag the Hun and played in my SP TSS game. It was based on the Lewinsvile scenario from his Coming Thunder book
Terry 9We had a very nice turn out with at least 20 gamers. Some folks from north Georgia even came by a ran a SAGA game. Players came in from as far away as Murphy, NC and Columbus, GA.
And we also raised money for Cardiac Services Sibley Heart Center at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.
We think Terry would’ve been happy to be honored with a fantastic day of great looking games and gaming by his buddies.
Chris has a nice write up on his blog:
And more on my flickr site:
games getting ready to go
(Flickr is best viewed by double clicking on the first picture and then hitting the next arrow).
Thanks to Mark for not only this comprehensive report, but also for organising the event. I can also report that Chris Stoesen was able to present Terry’s wife Sheryl with a copy of Chain of Command which contains a dedication to his memory as a staunch member of the Lardy community. Sherly sent a very kind message of thanks to us and, most generously, his Chindit forces for I Ain’t Been Shot Mum – a force I know he was very fond of due to his family connections, his father having dropped supplies to Chindits operating in Burma during the war. “El Tel” can be sure that his memory will live on here on Lard Island.


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