Tarleton’s Quarter – The Redcoats are Comin’ for Sharp Practice!

Expect nothing but Tarleton’s Quarter from Jan Spoor of Maryland, with this cracker 0f a scenario for Sharp Practice in the AWI.
Here Jan provides not just the scenario but also additional rules for this conflict, adding the flavour and character that Sharp Practice is all about.
Click on the following link to enjoy Tarleton’s Quarter
My only disappointment was the lack of church to lock Mel Gibson in!


4 thoughts on “Tarleton’s Quarter – The Redcoats are Comin’ for Sharp Practice!”

  1. Glad you like the look of it, fellows. Let me know how it plays for you. The rebel players are usually a bit taken aback by not having troops on the table to start, but if the British get into the spirit of the roleplaying, a good deal can happen before the shooting starts.

  2. I plan on giving this a go at the November meeting of our First Saturday Gamers in Marietta, GA. A couple of the guys have played in my 2nd Sem War game so they should enjoy this one. I do believe I’ll use the 2 Tiffin card modification where the turns ends right at the draw of the 2nd Tiffin. This is a new venue for me, so hopefully we’ll get some converts from the GW crowd.
    No drunk looking Mel Gibson figs on hand though

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