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Supports for Strudelheim, My Imagi-Nations Project Continues

As June approaches and the Evesham Lardy Games Day looms large ahead of us, I really needed to crack on with my Imagi-Nations project and get some support done for the Austrian inspired Duchy of Strudelheim.  I was rightly chastised by one German reader when I declared that this nation would be called Strudelsheim; that would, of course, have been absurd!  So, after a conversation with His Grace the Duke, we have corrected this to Strudelheim.  How the peasants celebrated…
The first unit I wanted to knock out was a couple of artillery pieces.  Strudelheim is, without doubt, the defender in this wacky world, with their Prussian-loving neighbours in the Markgrafshaft of Underberg-Asbach cast as the aggressive party.  As such it seems appropriate to give the defenders a bit of additional artillery as a support option.
IMG_2988 (1)Here I used Crusader Miniatures guns and crew, but unfortunately their gun crews are just four figures in strength, so I supplemented them with three figures from Front Rank.  Front rank have the advantage that you can purchase individual figures in a way that seems almost historic now, but is very handy when you are just looking for the odd chap or two.  The officer, peering out from the centre is one of these models, although he apparently is seeking to avoid the paparazzi here.
Next I added some cavalry in the shape of Dragoons.  Whilst this is an Imagi-Nations force, I have stuck precisely to Austrian uniforms.  These are the Sachsen-Gotha Dragoons, resplendent in red and cornflower blue.
Following on from these chaps, I wanted to create some additional supports for both Strudelheim and Underberg-Asbach.  The first were Engineers for which I used a complete mix of figures.  From left to right they are Crusader, Front Rank and Foundry.  I wanted these to stand out from the Leaders so I based them on some 30mm MDF bases from Warbases.
Next I moved on to some medical assistance.  Here I used some odd figures from the Foundry.  The Doctor in blue on the left is from a pack called “the Duelists” and the box under his arm is for pistols but in this case it contains his medical instruments.  The chap on the right in white is from a Civilians pack and carried a medical tome.  Their assistants are both from a civilian pack in the Seven Years War Prussian range and look suitable deferential.  Frankly, I wouldn’t want to be treated for a sore throat by these blokes, let alone have a leg amputated, but beggars can’t be choosers.
Finally, I had been casting around for some generic Engineers who could serve in any force.  These are a mix of Foundry and Black Hussar Miniatures in Germany.  As they stand they look like a fairly dodgy crowd of pikeys come to resurface your drive.  But hold hard a moment.  IMG_2982
Here I have added a couple of supervising Pioneers and all of a sudden the dubious crowd of clothes-peg merchants appear much more like a working part of Engineers.  I shall have to add some Austrian Pioneers as well, but that will involve some figure conversions.
There we have it.  Our supports for Strudelheim and Underberg-Asbach are coming together nicely.  Just terrain to build for the big game at Evesham.


2 thoughts on “Supports for Strudelheim, My Imagi-Nations Project Continues”

  1. Ludger Fischer

    Fine indeed, I like the use of the Duellist figures.
    The engineers may work just as convincing, if you swap these soldiers with sappers in Underberg-Asbach uniforms. 🙂

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