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Summer’s Here with the 2015 Summer Special

We know it’s summer on Lard Island when the Summer Special arrives in the midst of a scorching June, and this year is no different. Packed with articles, scenarios, complete campaigns and the low down on all that’s new in the world of Lard, we have another bumper edition for you, weighing in at a bulging 133 pages.
Let’s take a look at the contents.

  • Blitz to Boulogne is a Chain of Command mini-campaign for the Welsh Guards defending Boulogne in 1940 against the cream of the Panzer Divisions. Four linked scenarios can be played as a campaign or as stand alone actions.
  • Action at the Crooked Billet by our chum in the US Jan Spoor, presents an AWI action for Sharp Practice which involves a pub. What better objective for life, let alone a game?
  • Glowaczow 1944 is an I Ain’t Been Shot Mum scenario at the end of Operation Bagration with plenty of heavy metal on display
  • Handgranaten! traces the development of hand grenade during the Great War with an overview of the three main doctrines and their application
  • At Your Convenience is a Great War mini-campaign covering the Battle of Loos in 1915. Storming to victory in four Scenarios using Mud & Blood or, if you prefer, the Chain of Command amendments in the Christmas Special
  • Fight for Sesna. Alfredo Vitaller and Anibal Invictus of Madrid look at this 1936 tank action for the Spanish Civil War
  • Straight out of Central Casting. Keen to add some characters to your Bag the Hun games? James Crate is inspired by legend of the silver screen as well as a few from real life
  • Taking the Biscuit. Inspired by the superb figures from Gringo 40’s we look at Garibaldi taking on the Bourbons in Sicily in 1860. A guide to fighting “The Thousand” with Sharp Practice with five cracking scenarios
    Quadrant 13, A Point System. Robert Avery boldly goes where no Lardy has gone before and presents a points system for the Quadrant 13 Sci-Fi rules
  • The Roundwood Report. Sidney invites three men into his sofa to see what comes up. Nothing new there you may say, and the action soon hots up when the talk turns to Lardy Games Days. Get the low down from three hardened veterans of these events
  • Fork-Tailed Lardies. James Crate looks at the P-38 in Bag the Hun
  • Le Hameau. A Le Feu Sacre scenario for this bi-centennial battle, featuring the action at Ligny
    Hunting Charlie with Captain Jack. Action in Vietnam with this scenario for Charlie Don’t Surf
  • Arise to Lard. A look at air tactics from 1940 and how to apply these ideas with Bag the Hun.
  • Scotland Forever! A very special complete decision making game to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of a very Special event. Waterloo. Do you have what it takes to capture an Eagle? Find out here as you ride with the Scots Greys.

Once again the Special comes in at just £6 for 133 pages of advert free content. You can find it on our web site at The 2015 Summer Special


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