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Strength & Honour Downloads

As part of the launch of Strength & Honour, we are making available the Command Boards and QRS/Playsheet as free downloads. The Command Boards are available in both A4 and Letter, the QRS is in A4 at this juncture but we will try to reconfigure that for Letter. We hope you find them useful.


More Lard


Infamy, Infamy! Errata & FAQ (and a bit extra)

Over the past week we have trawled through all of the questions asked here and elsewhere in order to produce the Errata and FAQ for the rules. The attached document has the one-page errata followed by six page of questions that we have been asked. The vast majority of these are not actually asked frequently,

Diamond Jubilee Sale on Lard Island

To celebrate the sixty year reign of Her most gracious Sovereign Majesty, Elizabeth II, Her loyal subjects on Lard Island are pleased to announce that until next Thursday, the 31st of May, we are running a sale of truly royal proportions, with 25% of all products except figures or gift vouchers purchased from our web

The Road to Stalingrad: Leutnant Mueller’s Iron Cross

As readers of Lard Island News will know, there is nothing I like more than a game with narrative; apart, that is, from a game with really good tactics AND narrative.  A good story can often be heroic, sometimes amusing, sometimes poignant, but a display of good tactics when combined with a good leadership narrative

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