Strength & Honour _ Errata and FAQ

With the fantastic response to Strength & Honour, we have had an excellent opportunity to consider the feedback we have had over the past few months and to put together a resulting Errata and FAQ. Much of this document is really about answering questions, but there are a small number or errors and omissions that this puts right. We hope this clarifies any questions you might have had.


More Lard

A Kick in the Balearics

Casual readers of Lard Island News may be unaware that prior to becoming an on-line publication we had been serving the inhabitants of the island for in excess of 250 years.  The following snippet from our archives from 200 years ago will serve to illustrate this pont.  In those days the concept of a war

On the Outskirts of Waldburg

After our first patrol action game the Soviets now had the opportunity to probe against the German outpost line. Their objective for this game was not to destroy the enemy, but simply to find a route past them. How difficult could that be? We began the game with the Soviets rolling for support and getting

Shock Markers and Force Rosters for Dux Britanniarum

We have two downloads today to assist players of Dux Britanniarum with their games and with running their campaigns. First we have the Shock markers. As you’ll see these are something of a stand-in for yo to use before making rather prettier versions yourself. Many companies producing Dark Age figures can supply you with packs

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