“Something for the Weekend Sir” Sale

It’s nearly here again, THAT WEEKEND! Salute, the biggest wargames show in Europe looms large on the calendar. To celebrate this annual monster-wargame-fest in the heart of London’s cheeky chirpy East End we are running a HUGE 20% off Sale on EVERYTHING in our catalogue (even gift vouchers!). If you want to order now and pick up from us at Salute you can still enjoy this great discount and avoid postage charges by selecting the “pick up at store” option when purchasing. We will have your items ready for you in discrete plain brown wrapping at table GH12.
Don’t forget that TooFatLardies will running the demo game of our forthcoming Chain of Command rules. You can find us at GH12 which is over towards the back of the hall, near the apples and pears and down the dog and bone. We’ll be running games throughout the day so come along and join in the fun with this great set of rules and some rather charming fat blokes.


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