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Shock Markers and Force Rosters for Dux Britanniarum

Dux Shock RosterWe have two downloads today to assist players of Dux Britanniarum with their games and with running their campaigns.
First we have the Shock markers. As you’ll see these are something of a stand-in for yo to use before making rather prettier versions yourself. Many companies producing Dark Age figures can supply you with packs of suitable shields which, when attached to a small square base, provide a visually attractive method of keeping track of Shock. You can paint the shield normally and then add numbers, such as 1, 2, 3, and 4 or 5, 6, 7 and 8, onto the face of the shield as shown below. Stick these on a square base around 3/4 of a inch in size and texture that in the same fashion as you base your figures. In play the shield can be placed immediately behind the Group in question with the relevant number of Shock points adjacent to the touching base. As Shock increases or decreased just turn the base round to reflect that. You can download the printable shock markers here: Dux Shock Markers But do make your own, they’ll be much nicer!
Secondly, it is always handy to track the basic details of your force such as who your Nobles are, what characteristics they have, how many figures are in your Groups and so on. Of course you can scribble this anywhere, but we thought it might be nice to have a proper force roster. This is a “first edition” and we’re bound to have left something important off, so please shout if you’d like anything added on and we’ll look at incorporating that. Here’s the first edition: Dux Force Roster


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