Sharp Practice v2 Cover Unveiled

Those bright bunnies among you may have noticed that the past months have seen us rather hectic with playtesting Sharp Practice v2.  Viewers of our Twitter feed have been enjoying regular updates as we have gamed everything from the French Indian Wars, the American War of Independence, the Napoleonic Wars, The American Civil War and the Indian Mutiny in preparation for covering all of these periods in the rules.  Anyway, today marks a bit of a land mark as we have had the easel and brushes out working on the cover of the rules.  After an intense flurry of customer liaison (again on Twitter  – you really should try and join us, @toofatlardies or search for our hashtag #spreadthelard) we are very pleased to announce that this is what the cover of the rules will look like.  We hope you like it.
SP2 Cover small
Thanks to all of the more artistic gamers who provided us with advice on getting the fine detail right.  We do listen and your input has, we think, made for a great finished image.


8 thoughts on “Sharp Practice v2 Cover Unveiled”

  1. The cover looks great and cannot wait to get the new rules. Just one comment, you may want to give a white drop shadow or background to go behind the TOOFATLardies logo to help it pop.

  2. Looks good – I agree with the need to Pop the TFL logo. The green of the TOO merges into the back ground clutter. Looking forward to the rules. Hope they are ready for my return to european gaming in September !

  3. I Had to grab a copy as it came out on my Dearly departed Fathers’ Birthday .
    Also the Characters names remind me of the skits from The 2 Ronnies a few years back . It featured people like Dan Jeroz , Zoltan Pepper , Walter Walcarpet , Phil Maglassop , Mahatt MiCoat . They are bound to bring on a smirk when rolling dice .

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