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Sharp Practice Scenario Competition Winner!

Congratulations to Chris Stoesen for his winning scenario, “Escape From Jenkins Neck” that has won first prize in the Sharp Practice Scenario Competition run by Roly Hermans at the Sharp Practice Camp web community.
We have had some great entries, all of which we’ll be making available as free downloads over the coming weeks.  Selecting a winner was both a pleasure and remarkably hard work; in the end we went to a judging panel for the final decision.
The overall standard was tremendously high and the variety of subjects was a joy to behold.  In fact we were so impressed that everyone who entered the competition will be getting a £5 voucher by way of a thank-you.
Chris wins a £20 voucher to spend in our on-line store along with the two Sharpe and Harper inspired figures that feature on the cover of the rules.
Fancy a read of the winning scenario?  Click on the following link and enjoy! Escape from Jenkins Neck


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