Sharp Practice PDF Bundles Arrive

Today is the big day, Sharp Practice has been released and the advanced orders are being shipped or packing ready for Monday.  To celebrate we are releasing the PDF bundles for the rules.  Let’s have a look at what you can get.
First, here’s an artists impression of the cards.  These are arriving on Monday from the printer in Belgium so we will be posting photos as soon as we can.  However, what we have here is the artwork which we provided for the printer, so this should be pretty much exactly what they look like.
There are forty cards in the deck, twelve Red Leaders, twelve Blue Leaders.  There are seven Command Cards which are shown as flags for each side, Red and Blue and finally there is the Tiffin Card and a “Spare” Blank card which can always be useful for things like timing events.  The cards are poker quality playing cards with rounded edges.  The deck comes cellophane wrapped in a cardboard tuck box.
Next we have the MDF Poker Chips.  These are etched and ready to paint.  A set has 34 pieces which are Leader 1 to 10, six Command flags each and one Tiffin and one blank chip.  We originally commissioned the card decks to have the same number of cards but the size of the card sheets meant that 40 was a better option (i.e. the same cost as 34, so we added the extras).  Fear not, 34 chips is plenty for huge games.  There’s an English tuppenny bit in the photo below to give an idea of size.  The coin is almost exactly 1″ across.
Finally we have the token set which is made up of 18 acrylic pieces.  Six uncontrolled fire markers in a black powder smoke design, six Present markers and six broken markers.  With my set I have painted them with white paint over the etched area and then wiped off the surplus.  They really do look great on the table.  In playtest we found that we never needed more than one set of these. IMG_2789
So, there we have our three component parts which can be added with one of the PDF bundles.  Let’s see what’s in the bundles.
BUNDLE A:  This is the full monty.  PDF rules, Card deck, Poker Chips and Tokens.  It retails for £30.
BUNDLE B:  This has the The PDF rules, the Poker Chips and the Tokens.  It retails for £25.
BUNDLE C:  Has the PDF rules the card deck and the Tokens.  It retails for £25.
BUNDLE D:  Is the PDF rules and the Poker Chips for £20.
BUNDLE E:  Is the PDF rules and the card deck, also for £20.
You can find them all on our web site here:  Sharp Practice Products


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