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Sharp Practice Deployment Point Competition

As readers of Lard Island News will be aware, one of the few bits of painting an Army that I find enjoyable is producing small vignettes for my Deployment Points.  That has been particularly true of Seven Years War armies as both Foundry and Crusader produce some nice character packs with figures which are bursting with just that; character.  Indeed, now might be a good time to show you my completed Austrian Deployment Points.
Of course, such deployment Points are entirely unnecessary, one could just as easily use a bit of cardboard with a flag on it, as you may have seen in my AWI games posted here, but ultimately something a bit more scenic is going to set the tone for the game.  As such, I thought it might be a fun idea for us to launch a Deployment Point competition where people could send in photos of their modelling efforts and we could award prizes for the ones we liked the best.
So, here are the rules:

  1. Two Deployment Points are to be entered for an Army.
  2. The Deployment Points may be for armies in any scale.  The competition is entirely scale neutral.
  3. The Deployment Points should be a sensible size.  What that is we leave to you.  My 28mm DPs are 60mm round which I think is a nice size, being large enough to create a scene on but not too large but as we say, the choice is yours.
  4. Points will be awarded on the entirely unscientific basis of what the Lard Island judges like.  Points will be gained if the vignette “tells a story”, i.e. it is clear what is going on, and a touch of humour will likely be rewarded as will some nice scenery as well as troops or some other way of identifying the nationality which the DP represents.
  5. The competition will run between now and the end of June, with the jury’s decision being announced on Monday the 4th of July
  6. The jury’s decision will probably be wrong or foolish, but it will stand with no right of appeal.

To submit your photos you will need to email us at with at least one photo of each DP attached.  Please do post images elsewhere on blogs, forums or other web sites as we’d like to see your work get as wide a coverage as possible.
The first prize will be for £100 worth of items from our web store including any postage.  The second prize will be for £50, third for £25.  Well worth having.


7 thoughts on “Sharp Practice Deployment Point Competition”

  1. Oh dear. I had pushed deployment points to the back of my To Do list. I am going to have to reconsider now. I shall have to do some thinking pretty quickly, not to mention some purchasing.

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