Sharp Practice Deployment Point Competition Winners

Well, after AGES of deliberation, we have let the jury out of the Lard Island Dungeons and they have selected the winners for the Deployment Point Competition.  There can be no doubt about how tough the choices were as many of the options were packed with period character, something we were looking for over any above particularly swanky painting skills.  I submitted the photos to the jury without names attached, so if you are a winner drop me an email and we will add your names with the photo below and you can claim your prize at the same time.  Anyway here we go, insert drum-roll here.
I was immensely pleased to see the 1st place winner was this brilliant pair for France 1798, with the liberty tree and phrygian cap and the cantinierre.  


In second place were these DPs for the Cape Frontier Wars which are truly smashing pieces.
winner-5 winner-5-1
Third place was a struggle as we had a tie; not between two entries but THREE.  Indeed the only way to keep the jury members from open rebellion was to sling a couple of bottle of cheap claret in with their rations and to promise that we would have three third place winners.
This pair for the Napoleonic Wars which the jury felt really told a nice story.
Whilst this pair were really beautifully painted.
winner-2 winner-2-1  Finally this last pair were so full of character that it would have been a crime not to include them.  Unknown to the jury, the first of them was entitles “Death to the enemies of the Republic” which I loved.
What an interesting selection, and four out of the five had some French content.  I’d like to do a medley of all of the submissions in the near future as they were really varied and amusing, but for now the winners can drop me an email and it’ll be £100 worth of Lardy Products for first place, £50 for second and £25 for each in third place.


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