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Sharp Practice 2 Layout, A First Look

It’s all hands to the proverbials here on Lard Island, as we are working hard on the layout for the second edition of Sharp Practice.  We thought you might like to have a quick peak at what we have been up to and what the rules will look like.  Here’s a quick low-res glimpse of what’s in store.  We hope you’ll agree that the mix of text, graphics and game play examples work well when combined with some truly dazzling action photographs of games in play.
Blog Image
Hope you like it.


12 thoughts on “Sharp Practice 2 Layout, A First Look”

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  2. Looking great! What is even better is knowing that the visual appeal is is going to be backed up by rules of substance…looking forward to adding these to the shopping cart!

  3. Looks Great Rich, so will it be easy to convert the Old Fondler’s Scenarios to the newer system? And no I’m not talking about the creepy old guy on the corner.

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