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Scenario Competition Winner Announced

Ticket to DonThe international panel of judges have given their considerations to the entries to the Lard Island scenario competition and the results are in.  I have to say that this was a very close run thing, the number of points between the overall winner and the second place was just 1 percentage point.  As a result I have thought it best to award the main prize of a subscription to Battlegames magazine to both first and second place. I am very glad to say that Petri Halme of Finland was our oevrall winner with his excellent I Ain’t Been Shot Mum scenario Ticket to Don.  Not only was Petri’s scenario excellent but he also provided some rules for using trains in IABSM, so why not download these now.  The scenario may be had here:  Ticket to Don  and his excellent train rules here:  Trains in IABSM
Congratulations to Petri who has really shown that going the extra mile reaps rewards.
Tomorrow we will be revealing the second place scenario that was just 1% behind Petri in the voting and announcing some runners up prizes too.


6 thoughts on “Scenario Competition Winner Announced”

  1. Well done mate!
    Looks to be one we haven’t played yet so I won’t take a peek further than the map..
    But since all the previous scenarios have been a blast (some also literarily) I see little reason why this one also wouldn’t be similar.

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