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Prussian Army Lists for the Napoleonic Wars

Here we have four Army lists for the Prussians covering the entire Napoleonic Wars.  The list for up to 1806 can also be used for the Revolutionary Wars in the 1790s.  You can find the lists and the full Rosters here:  Prussian Napoleonic Army Lists


6 thoughts on “Prussian Army Lists for the Napoleonic Wars”

  1. Many thanks for the Prussian lists, and indeed all of them. Although my financial advisor curses you.
    On the Prussian list the Landwehr appear twice for 1812-13 with different characteristics. I assume the second instance should actually be 1814-15?

  2. Do the Prussian Cuirassiers not have the cuirass rule? I got charged by some French Cuirassiers and realised things werent necessarily even between our two units.

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