Project Afghan Village – Yet More

I’ve only managed some very brief bursts of activity over the past couple of days, for obvious reasons, but with no time to post on here due to Christmas cooking duties and then being so steeped in festive booze that any attempt at technology would have been pointless. So, Boxing Day seems a good day to de-tox and bring you all up to date.
The first step was to do the roofs to match the walls and then add some rudimentary thatch. I used a broom head for this purchased from Homebase ages ago for another project.
2014-12-25 13.09.482014-12-25 13.09.52You can see a bit more detail here:
2014-12-25 13.10.002014-12-25 13.10.07I also did a rudimentary test of crops, (my next project will be the green zone fields so this was a bit of an early prototype) by adding some astro turf door matting. I’m in two minds about whether to paint this, I think I will but we shall see when I get onto the crop stage.
2014-12-25 13.10.12This has pretty much completed the main structures; now I could begin the detailing. My first step was to begin work on the gates for the large compounds. I bought some Wills model railway sheets of box corrugated metal for this. It’s cheap and easily cut with scissors or a knife, so perfect for this task.
2014-12-26 10.47.20I wanted to be able to move the the gates and to have them either open, closed, or anywhere between the two. I decided to base them on some placticard which I would then texture. I also added a matchstick gate post.
2014-12-26 10.48.26This can then be added to a model thus:
2014-12-26 10.47.14Next, I used the same material to make some shutters for the village shops. I used precisely the same method, cutting to shape and sticking to a plasticard base. This will then be lightly textured with fine sand.
2014-12-26 11.04.15I have some boxes of produce which can be stacked outside the shops, so I can show them either occupied and open or shut up for that High Noon moment when all of the civvies scurry off as Terry Taliban is out to play.
2014-12-26 11.03.52It is my plan to add a bit of signage to the shops just to break up the monotony. I’m also adding a bit of neat tile grout to some models where I am not entirely happy, but that’s all small detail stuff. Tomorrow I plan to paint the doors, gates and any clutter which I can get prepped today.


9 thoughts on “Project Afghan Village – Yet More”

  1. Superb work Richard. The shutters are a good Idea and I look forward to see what signage you come up with for this period.
    Likewise, I have just finished my latest batch of buildings and crops in between Christmas activities , so off to take some pictures to stick on the blog, before I go cold turkey.

  2. I hate you in that special way that one hates people who are inspiring and make one pull one’s finger out and try to do better kind of way. 😉 Lovely set of progress posts, inspiring, and of course once you release Modern CoC I’ll have to get my 15mm Peter Pig miniatures out, re-base them and paint up the USMC I have maturing in a shoebox that is tucked away somewhere.

  3. Inspiring indeed.
    While I realise that it is still WIP it gibes me a rather tidied up impression.
    Some rust on the corrugated metal, some bullet impacts there, at walls and at corneres (!) and/or windows.
    Rusting debris:
    A public well or some irrigation ditches for the gardens? Those ditches will be lined with vegetation: grass, scrub, even trees = read c o v e r
    ( Easy to ask for stuff, I don’t have to do myself – I know! ) 😉

  4. As for things to put into a backyard there:
    Irregular for example does 28mm
    camel ( your choice which type) …
    like chickenn and dogs not all will get out of the way in time, I think!

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