With Fire and Sword


With Fire and Sword is a supplement for Sharp Practice covering the activities in South Carolina between June and August 1780, a critical time for the American Revolution in the south after the fall of Charleston.

The skirmishes and small battles that affected the north of the State were to decide whether the Revolution in the South continued, and were to gaina significance way beyond their actual size.

Chris Stoesen of Georgia has carefully pieced together the events during this period of intense and often vicious warfare and created twenty-four scenarios for Sharp Practice that will provide the gamer with a selection of scenarios, from a dozen or so men a side up to over 100 figures each covering milita, provincial and regular troops.  Even Banastre Tarleton gets to make an appearance.

The twenty stand-alone scenarios are as follows:

  • Alexanders Old Field
  • Bullock’s Fort
  • Mobley’s Meeting House
  • Brandon’s Camp
  • Hill’s Iron Works
  • Williamson’s Plantation
  • Stallion’s Plantation
  • Cedar Springs
  • Gowen’s Old Fort
  • McDowell’s Camp
  • Captain Hampton’s Revenge
  • The Siege of Fort Anderson
  • Green Springs
  • Wooford’s Iron Works
  • The Battle of Musgrove Mill
  • Rocky Mount
  • First Hanging Rock
  • Rocky Creek
  • Carey’s Fort
  • Fishing Creek

In addition to the above there is a four part mini-campaign covering the second battle at Hanging Rock and an historical narrative which ties all the scenarios and their participants together.

So, whethere you’re for King or Congress “With Fire and Sword” provides you with an incredible number of scenarios, each with individual briefings, historical background and umpire’s notes, along with a full colour map of the table and the campaign area.

This PDF supplement is designed for minimal use of printer ink and presented in an easy to print off format that allows you to simply hand the briefings to the players, get the figures on the table and get gaming.

PLEASE NOTE:  This supplement was for the first edition of Sharp Practice.  It still contains lots of great games which can be converted with a little effort using the new unit Rosters in the main rules.





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