Wargamers Guide to the Riff War


This wargamers guide to the Riff War represents a new venture for us here at TooFatLardies as it is a general wargaming product rather than being linked to one of our rule sets. When Richard Baber approached us about publishing his guide to this interesting and ground breaking conflict we were more than happy to help. Richard is the editor of the Society of Twentieth Century Wargamers magazine, the Journal, and we had seen some of the work he’d already done for this conflict. What he finally produced is an excellent generic, non-rule set specific guide to gaming the Riff War in PDF format.

The Guide contains plenty of history of the conflict, looking at its progress on land sea and air, and then looks at how to wargame the period, what resources there are in terms of rules and figures for building up your forces. He then finishes off with a dozen scenarios to get the gamer started.

Fought in the 1920’s, this conflict saw the world’s first armoured amphibious landings, both the French and Spanish Foreign Legions in the thick of the fighting, and (for a change in the world of wargaming) a well equipped and motivated native force that nearly ended two nations’ colonial dreams, this must be one of the most interesting conflicts, bridging the gap between colonial conflicts and modern day insurgency campaigns.



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