Vpered Na Berlin


Vpered Na Berlin is the second Handbook for version 3 of IABSM and covers the years 1943 to 1945 in Eastern Europe. From the fall of Stalingrad to the coll,apse of the Reich in the ruins of Berlin this Handbook allows you to field a wide range of forces on the Eastern Front. 

Specifically, this Handbook covers a wide range of force options for German, Romanian, Hungarian, Finnish, Yugoslavian and Soviet force, detailing what you’ll need to put together your forces, what support will be available, all weapon and vehicle stats, force ratings, nation specific weapon rules as well as some additional rules and scenarios for Partisan Warfare in the East.

108 pages in size, this is packed with data, including the following forces:


Grenadier Company

Volks Grenadier Company
Cavalry Squadron

Panzer Company
Panzer Grenadier Armoured Company
Panzer Grenadier Company

Aufklarungs Company
Armoured Car Kompanie
Fielding German AFVs
Luftwaffe Jager Company
Fallschirmjager Company
Volksturm Company
Gebirgsjager Kompanie
Schuma Company

Cossack Sotnia

Rating Your German Forces
German Armoury
German Weapon Rules

Romanian Forces
Infantry Company 1943
Scout Company
Mountain Infantry Company
Morotised Cavalry Coompany

Mounted Cavary Company

Infantry Company 1944-45

Parachute Company

Tank Company

Armoured Rifle Company

Motorised Rifle Company
Rating Romanian Forces

Romanian Armoury

Romanian Weapon Rules

Hungarian Forces

Rifle Company

Reserve Rifle Company

Reconnaissance Company
Mountain Infantry Company

Cavalry Company

Motorised Infantry Company

Tank Company

Armoured Reconnaissance Company

Rating Hungarian Forces

Hungarian Armoury

Hungarian Weapon Rules

Finnish Forces

Infantry Company

Jager Company

Border Jager Company

Tank Company

Assault Gun Company

Rating Finnish Forces

Finnish Armoury

Finnish Weapon Rules

Yugoslavian Partisan Forces
Partisan Detachments
Rating Yugoslavian forces
Yugoslavian Armoury
Yugoslavian Weapon Rules

Soviet Forces

Rifle Company 1943
Rifle Company 1944-45

Armoured & Mechanised Forces

Tank Company

Motor Rifle Company

Motorcycle Reconnaissance Company
Armoured Reconnaissance Company

Guards Tank Battalion

Cossack Squadron

Soviet Partisan Detachment

Rating Soviet Forces

Soviet Armoury

Soviet Weapon Rules

With additional sections on fielding German and Romanian AFVs, Partisan warfare and assembling Kampfgruppe, Vpered Na Berlin was assembled using much information in the original languages of the nations involved in the conflict.  Available in PDF format only.


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