Vitoria 1813, Scenario Supplement


Vitoria, 1813, The Battle for Spain is a scenario supplement for General d’Armee penned by game designer Dave Brown.  Here Dave provides us with six iconic actions from decisive encounter at Vitoria in 1813, including The combat at Osma, the battle for the Puebla heights, the fight for the hill at Arinez, the battle for the Zadorra bridges, the fight for La Hermandad and the final assault on the main French position at Vitoria.

This 45 page PDF contains an illustrated historical introduction to the campaign followed by six scenarios which are easily printed out for the game you wish to play and contain complete army lists with unit and commander ratings as well as deployment notes and a breakdown of the terrain.  WHat’s more the six scenarios can be played individually or as part of a “campaign’, with the result of each scenario affecting the next.

If you are looking to game this iconic campaign that sealed the fate, and liberty, of Spain then look no further.


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