Troops, Weapons & Tactics


“Troops, Weapons & Tactics are no walk in the park, they are a gritty representation of WWII combat that really make you think like a WWII commander. Mistakes cost you dear, but good tactics pay huge dividends. This is gaming for big boys.” Ray Peterson, former Airborne Platoon Commander

Command your platoon on the dangerous battlefields of the Second World War, use your tactical initiative to lead your force to victory. Troops, Weapons & Tactics has been designed to be a further step in examining the WWII battlefield, with rules that seek to truly replicate the tactics of the conflict whilst being fun to play. The basic force in the game is roughly platoon sized, with the rifle section or squad being the lowest command element, and the fire team the smallest tactical unit. With 108 PDF pages, Troops, Weapons & Tactics are more than just a rule set, with full details on the tactics and formations used by the major participants and systems for generating scenarios and forces for your table-top games.

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  1. omentoras (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed this game with its detail and its tactics, especially for infantry.

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