The Swamp Fox


The Swamp Fox is a supplement for Sharp Practice which presents twelve scenarios and nine unique campaign backgrounds for the career of Francis Marion, one of the rebellion’s greatest and most celebrated leaders.

Ideal for Sharp Practice, Marion led his small band of men through the swamps of South Carolina, emerging to strike against Crown forces and slipping away when threatened by unfavourable odds.  This supplement contains twelve varied scenarios based on historical actions and provides a complete Georgetown campaign system which can see multiple campaigns being  run.  A minimum of five campaigns will combine to create a complete narrative of Marion’s exploits in South Carolina in 1780 and 1781.  The supplement contains an historical backdrop to appraise the reader of the situation in the South and Marion’s role.  It provides complete Army Rosters and support list options to allow you to run the campaigns provided or to create your own.

Each scenario requires just a two sheet print out and the whole document is presented in a colourful but printer-friendly manner.  Ideal for reading on your tablet.




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