The Raiders for Dux Britanniarum PDF Bundle


The Raiders for Dux Britanniarum is an expansion to the main rules which introduces three new factions to the game; the Irish, the Scotti and the Picts as well as rule variations for the British Kingdoms of the North, the Gwyr Y Gogledd.
This PDF bundle supplement includes a 46 page book which features rules to cover the new factions, as well as beautiful colour maps of Ireland and Scotland along with campaign rules for the Raider nations.  This option also includes a hard copy complementary expansion card set fully compatible with the original Dux Britanniarum decks to allow you to game with these new factions in the original Dux Britanniarum world of Arthurian Britain or in the new lands to the North and West.

To use The Raiders you will need the main Dux Britanniarum rules and card deck. As this product combines the PDF rules with the hard copy cards we will despatch the cards by post and send the rules by email.

The Raiders for Dux Britanniarum PDF

The Raiders Card Deck



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