The Metz Map


The Metz Map is the ultimate map for Kriegsspielers and for those interested in the Franco-Prussian War.  100 sheets in size, totalling over 10′ by 9′ the map covers a scale area of nearly 220 square miles around the fortress city of Metz.  Detail comes from the Prussian Army survey of 1872 with 1cm on the map representing 100 paces on the ground, 20cm to a mile.

Designed for the Prussian Army to fight their wargames on, the map covers the battlefields of Gravelotte- St Privat, Borny-Columbey and large sections of Mars le Tour, making this equally interesting for the student of the campaign of 1870.

As well as the 100 sheets there are four small scale overviews of the map area, the north west, north east, south west and south east to facilitate the movement of larger armies on the map.

At present this map is only available on CD in pdf format, however we hope to produce it in hard copy if sufficient customers register an interest.  Please do contact us for details if that would be your preference.



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