The Meckel Map for Kriegsspiel Download


The Meckel Map. Originally produced in the 1870s specifically for detachment sized Kriegsspiel games, we are able to provide this map as a download set up for A3 print size.   The map is a copy of the original hand-coloured by Bill Leeson and is the perfect battleground for your armies.

Please note, this is a large file so please allow time for the download to complete.  Permission is granted for the owner to produce multiple copies for personal use.


1 review for The Meckel Map for Kriegsspiel Download

  1. Steve Pisani (verified owner)

    This map set feeds the imagination of history geeks who want to design and GM kriegsspiel scenarios, especially those to be played in person. Once a potential player starts looking down at a table covered with these maps, then tries to identify the places depicted, they’ll likely ask the nearby owner just where those locations might be. Said owner might then hand them the the quick-reference sheets prepared from the map key, explaining that there are no rules to learn, just fun to be had. If the potential player asks the next question, something like “What’s the scenario?” the smiling GM then hands them the single page that they’ve written describing the game and one of the sets of units in it, the set the potential player may well be about to have fun commanding, but not controlling.

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