The Compleat Fondler


This superb Sharp Practice scenario supplement follows the career of Richard Fondler from his time as an enlisted man in India in 1799 through to Waterloo where he is a Lieutenant Colonel. In between he has an exciting and illustrious career in the Peninsula with the 95th Rifles and the Light Company of the West Sussex Regiment. Here we present eighteen scenarios, each with an introductory story, briefings for both sides and umpire’s notes with a full colour map. The games are designed for between 30 and 100 or so figures per side, and are rip-roaring exciting games, packed with derring-do, larger than life characters and, best of all, real gaming challenges and fun. The scenarios included are as follows.

Fondler’s Battle, Fondler’s Enemy, Fondler’s Rifles, Fondler’s Allies, Fondler’s Captain, Fondler’s Pirate, Fondler’s Colonel, Fondler’s Gold, Fondler’s Trap, Fondler’s Escape, Fondler’s Surprise, Fondler’s Honour, Fondler’s Siege, Fondler’s Lady, Fondler’s Triumph, Fondler’s Breech, Fondler’s Duke, and Fondler’s Waterloo. All draw on the rich heritage of literary heroes and villains.

PDF format.

PLEASE NOTE:  This PDF supplement was for the first edition of Sharp Practice.  It still contains lots of great games which can be converted with a little effort using the new unit Rosters in the main rules.



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