Surf’s Up!


Surf’s Up is a collection of scenarios for the Vietnam War designed to accompany our Charlie Don’t Surf rules.  In addition to sixteen scenarios covering the period 1966 to 1975 we have a campaign system to follow your Company Commander through his tour of duty in the ‘Nam.

This PDF product contains the following scenarios:

1.  The Great Rice Hunt, 1966, Operation Attleboro
2.  Sniper, 1966, Phu Loi
3.  Firebase, 1966
4.  Combat Engineer, 1966
5.  Fix & Destroy, 1967, Operation Junction City
6.  Playing the Beanball, 1967, Quang Ngai Province
7.  A County Fair, 1967, Rang Dong
8.  Rawhide, 1967, Darlac Province
9.  Aircav, 1968, Darlac Province
10.  Broken Arrow, 1968, Quang Duc Province
11.  Blood on the Streets, 1968, Ban Me Thuot
12.  Ambush, 1968
13.  Semper Fi, 1968, Hue
14.  The Bridge at Tri Ang, 1969
15.  The Supermen, 1975, Xuan Loc
16.  Convoy of Tears, 1975



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