Sicilian Weekend


This scenario supplement for I Ain’t Been Shot Mum contains an extensive history of the first two days of Operation Husky, the Allied invasion of Sicily, covering the 10th and 11th July 1943, and is accompanied by seventeen unique scenarios for “I Ain’t Been Shot, Mum!” including attacks, counter-attacks, encounter battles, desperate defences, fighting retreats, and ambushes!

From the initial and largely disastrous airborne assault through to the immediate aftermath of the main landings, you’ll encounter British and US Paratroopers; regular British and American infantry and armour; Italians of all shapes and sizes; and plenty of Germans as well!

Each scenario contains a background history, maps, a full game briefing, and a full briefing for each player. Simply print out the pages you need from this PDF, unpack your figures, set up the table, and away you go!


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