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Military Operations in Urban Terrain, Peacekeeping Operations, the PLO, IDF, Syria, Christian Phalange, all are there in this superb supplement for Troops, Weapons & Tactics by Chris Stoesen. Ninety four pages long, this PDF supplement covers an overview of the conflict in the Lebanon, looking at several sample battles from the early 1980s, including the siege of Beirut. TO&E and force generation systems are there for all of the main participants along with scenarios for some of the conflict’s most high profile battles.

Fancy taking on the IDF with Syrian tank hunter teams, defend your home with the Christian militias, fight the invaders with a mad mullah, it’s all there in this fantastic new supplement. This is a superb guide that provides a great backdrop for any modern peacekeeping or counter-insurgency operation, from Iraq to Afghanistan, from Sierra Leone to Chechenya.


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